08 Mar

We have often heard that we are what we say we, no matter if it's true or not. That which we say about ourselves molds into being the person who will do that which they have set themselves to do. So you talk big, you will do big. You talk small, you will do small.I used to only speak of myself as an IT technician. And so I lived within the small castle and did only that small part of what I am good at. When God showed me the endless possibilities of who else I could become, I began to speak of myself as a speaker and life coach amongst other things. And that activated the possibilities of my castle of being more than just a IT castle. I have sought out to activate the parts of me that I feared, which is a big and scary world. And that led to making some big decisions taking me into an uncomfortable world. And that has put me into a world that is alive with greater possibilities then I had imagined. What fruits have you reaped from your comfort? Are you content with your current rewards? Is this the comfort you have long been seeking or did you end up adjusting to that world because of the fear of exploring a bigger challenge? I recommend that you begin to explore...#LetsExploreYou #motivationlifequotes #motivated #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationalspeaker #mondaymotivation #MphoMokhele #lifecoaching #lifequotes #limitless #learning #lifegoals 

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