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Welcome to OFLIKEMIND, your trusted life coach and motivational speaker. We are here to guide you towards achieving your goals, transforming your mindset, and unleashing your full potential. Let us empower you to live a life filled with purpose, success, and fulfillment. Join us on this incredible journey of personal growth and let's unlock your limitless potential together. Invest in yourself and discover the power within you.

Of Like Mind is a Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking firm that is specialized in helping its clients achieve their personal goals and improving their competence, capacity and productivity. The scope of our business offerings cover areas such as personal improvement coaching, family and relationship coaching and career coaching. Our keynote addresses are not limited to one niche and that is what allows us to reach out to clients in their area of need of assistance and motivation.
My name is Mpho Mokhele. Along with being the best father of 2 boys whom I am grooming into being the best versions of themselves apart from being sons and investor in people's well-being, I’ve always dreamed big, wanted to make something of my life, and deeply cared about people and working towards leaving a legacy for my children.

I have always been fascinated by human behavior, subconscious mind and psychology so when I discovered life coaching, I realized I stumbled upon something magical.
It is such an honor for me to be a part of my client’s journey. When we work together, I can feel an amazing dynamic happening that not only changes them but changes me as well.
I have coached everyone from the top full-time employees to the person still trying to find their purpose in life. Each client brings their own unique set of aspirations, goals, challenges, and perspectives into the coaching session.
I love to see how people can grow, change, and adapt to align with the vision they truly see themselves as.

One of my core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to being of service to others. My passion and purpose revolve around developing my clients, so they fully understand their potential as creative and resourceful individuals.
Nothing makes me happier than watching honest, dedicated individuals achieve their dreams; knowing that I played a part in making those dreams come true.

In addition to Life Coaching, Mpho is also a Keynote Speaker for groups, whether professional or personal, as a part of his services. Mpho has also done speaking events for the youth as well as small groups of adults alike. And because Mpho pursues a life without limitations, Mpho dedicate himself to address you and your group to also pursue a greater you.

Mpho is also a international featured coach on Feel Momentum (https://feelmomentum.beehiiv.com/subscribe) website with a group of other featured coaches from different countries.