21 Nov

How great and simple would it be, if life kept tabs of all the good things you did and just when you were at your lowest, life would come around and just say, "because of the good deed you did the last time, you will be repaid with interest in your time of desperate need ".

The reality check on the above is that life owes you nothing. You may wait for years thinking life is indebted to you but until you do something, nothing will come out of your waiting. This is usually the difficulty that many face. Patience with action vs patience with inaction.

There will come times when we need to take action on things and moves that we feel we deserve. Deserving does not mean they will automatically come to you. It just means you will have to make some uncomfortable decisions and moves to get that which you think you deserve. That is the only way to find out if you truly deserve it. So what is stopping you? Lets explore if you are stopping you...#LetsExploreYou

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