29 Nov

Self acceptance without the need for societal measurements and/or external validation os often the biggest limiting factor on one's capabilities.

These are some typical self imposed barrier beliefs that we carry about in our day-to-day decisions and actions and thus leading to being stuck in a life led by seeking for validation from outside sources and not the Godly source which interestingly, has given you the power to also be able to discern right from wrong where your life is concerned. And so, we let the world decide for us who is wise, who is kind, who is generous, who is genuine, all this and more based on the perceptions given to us by man. So dare you try to live outside of expectations, then you are said to be on the wrong path. And so you live a below half-lived life whilst questioning the purpose of your life and who you truly are because you know who you are expected to be and not who you know yourself to be.

Confusing??? Imagine looking at yourself, your values, your principles, your career life, your personal life, your whole self as though you were the judge who decides if you have done all that you are capable of doing and achieving? Would you say you lived your life or you settled for a "life"?....#LETSEXPLOREYOU

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