05 Jun

His story is nothing short of inspiring and motivating. This young man has had to experience life with all its challenges from drugs/alcohol to depression and has continued to fly the flag of God's intervention in his life. He has since carried the flag with pride and a bold approach against all odds.

However, Moses may be young and has a mature approach to life and his culinary journey. His experiences have opened a whole new world to be explored and through perseverance, he has really put an unforgettable mark on the Of Like Mind table. Working with this aspiring private chef/public speaker has been nothing short of remarkable and awe-inspiring.

He holds some Toastmasters awards for the public speaking page of his life story and has had the privilege to serve on tables of those whom most would deem to be elite. In the midst of all these tasks, he continues to study further to better serve his clients with nothing but the best recipes along with a 5-star service.

Moses is someone worth mentioning and following as this is just the beginning of a great story, we can agree that he will be inspiring all Of Like minders and the youth who have big dreams with big challenges in front of them. 

We at Of Like Mind are proud to be working with him and assisting him in navigating his great exploration of the Life of Moses Mutero

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