05 Dec

Some of you, myself included, will find yourself in dark places of your lives and you see it as a bad place to be, a place you feel you don't deserve. What if the Higher Power (for me that is God) were to tell you that He won't deliver you from what is meant to develop you?

Before digital camera's and smart phones the best pictures were developed in a dark room. A perfect picture will only be experienced after it has gone through the development darkness process. Bring it out too soon and the picture will not be perfect. What does that have to do with your breaking point? Well, like the photo in the dark room, the darkness does not automatically make it a perfect picture. In the darkness, it goes through some processes to develop it. What processes are you going through in your darkness? How are you using your darkness to build or create a breakthrough for your life? You are responsible for what comes out of that dark room. Whether positive or negative, you have been given the authority to decide who or what is reborn from that dark place.

It is not meant to be easy however, it is always worth it to go through it. I have always said, your partner doesn't need to be perfect, you need to decide that they are worth it all. Such as the trials and tribulations in your life, the beauty of your greatness does not come in its perfect form. It comes to in a dark form and you have been tasked with lighting it up. What light can we find in your dark room? Friendly reminder: literally everyone, was born from a dark place...#LetsExploreYou

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